The Little Blue Bird

Hey everyone,
It’s been a long break from social media and the blog. Joyous wishes to you all out there for a very Happy 2020. Looking back at 2019, today I am sharing the story of my little birds and how they made their place into my works.

It was last year when we returned from our annual hometown visit and this dear little sunbird had found a nesting place in my patio. The little chirp in the mornings was already a melody to the ears and this nesting became our new attraction. From then onwards there were multiple nestings and the sunbird family became a part of our family too. It was amusing to watch the pair taking care of the fledgelings. Subsequently when the fledgelings grew up and left the nest, I started missing them. I started my missing my daily morning routine of checking on the babies.

At that time I decided to incorporate bird sculptures into my work. I had already done a few bark textured planters which people seemed to like at exhibitions. Then, I added my birds to these. It was during that time I had made this little bird and it was intended to go on a tree bark planter infused with glass. But it just did not happen for some reason. It was bisque-fired but never got glazed.

In August of 2019, when I was packing my works for wood-firing, I just carried this bird along to test fire in the new kiln.

This little, lucky, blue bird flew out from the maiden firing of the new water kiln and now has found a new home to nest.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Do share your thoughts in the comments.

Mona Malhotra

Hailing from India, the impact of cultural diversity has always acted as a seedling to my thoughts and I try to find resemblances in different cultures. Thus, amalgamating my creations with my travel experiences. I have explored and incorporated those beliefs in my work. I take pleasure in depicting the intricacies and the pleasant outcomes of the complexity in everyday's life through the crudity of clay transforming into an exquisite masterpiece. The connection from Earth to Clay to Mankind amuses me to bring out my forms and connect to them. I am inspired by the balance in nature choreographed by mother earth in the various forms of existence and their connection to each other.

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